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Mr. Playback is a dancefloor-music-project from austria. After some other projects it was founded by Richard B. He already had a band with other members. The name of the group is Partyking. One of the new songs from Mr. Playback ("You wanna dance") was written by the Partyking production team. So Mr. Playback is still Partyking under another name, but with different female singers. Get ready for the new experimental sound.

Current Maxi-Single's!

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Mr. Playback You Wanna Dance

Pop, Dancefloor, Experimental - 28. September 2018

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Partyking Love Me

Eurodance, Pop - 26. October 2018

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Partyking Baby Love Is Coming Up (Live Mix)

Eurodance, Pop - 6. October 2018

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Mr. Playback Neverending Dream

Neo-Romantic, Instrumental (Piano mix) - B Side - September 2018

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NEW Releases:


Mr. Playback Video Radio Ho

Eurodance, Pop / Release: 14. December 2018

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Mr. Playback - You Wanna Dance:
Also available as Nr.7 on the Happy Party Dance Compilation - 30. October 2018

Partyking - Love Me:
Available as Nr. 15 on the Party Dance Vibes Compilation - 12. January 2019

In working: Go with me, Release 2019


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